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Spouse Sponsarship Within/Outside Canada

Permanent Resident Visa

Eligible Canadians can sponsor their spouse or partner living with them or outside the country to become Permanent Residents of Canada. Spousal Sponsorship is one of the programs under Family Sponsorship and requires both the ‘Sponsor’ and ‘Sponsored Person’to be approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in order for the sponsored person to receive Canadian permanent residence.

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Federal Income Table, 2018
Size of FamilyMinimum Necessary Income
1 Person $25,338
2 Person $31,544
3 Person $38,780
4 Person $47,084
5 Person $53,402
6 Person $60,228
7 Person $67,055
More than 7 Persons, for each additional person add: $6,827

Family Sponsorships

Why CanKo?
Even if you are recently married or about to get married, IRCC undergoes a full in-depth investigation and analysis of your file, marriage and complete application. The application for Spousal Sponsorship includes various forms, procedures and extensive documentation, including a variety of data to prove your ongoing relationship with your other half like Photographs, Bills, Marriage Certificates, Family Bonding etc.
  • Extensive Experience in handling different spousal/common law partner cases
  • Licensed, Qualified and Expert Assistance from RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant)
  • Step by Step guidance and recommendations to safeguard the decision of Sponsorship
  • Help in collecting all support data; Municipal Marriage Certificates, Eligible Photographs, Family Bonding Documents, Social Media Communication Documents etc
  • Free-Assessment’ and Analysis from Case to Case situations


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