All individuals who are not Permanent Residents or Citizens of Canada & willing to work in Canada, usually need an authorization from IRCC in order to gain work experience. A Work Permit is an official document issued by the IRCC to a foreign worker looking for employment in Canada for a specified period of time. There are 2 types of Work Permits that can be issued:

Open Work Permits: An Open Work Permit, allows an individual to work for any employer in Canada, in any occupation for a specific period of time. There are specific circumstances wherein an individual can be issued an open Work Permit

Employer-Specific/Closed Work Permits: An employer specific work permit as the name suggests, allows an individual to gain work experience within Canada only for a Stated Employer based on the conditions imposed on the permit:

  1. The Name and other information for the Employer
  2. How long can the foreign worker work with that employer?
  3. Location of the Work (If applicable)
  4. Occupation (If applicable)

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