Family Sponsorship

Family Reunifications and Settlement stands as one of the important pillars of Canadian Immigration. Canada has one of the most generous family reunifications programs in the world. Government is committed to reunite families through several programs prioritizing the importance of Family Bond and Support.

Family Class Sponsorship program actively supports Canadian Permanent Residents or Citizens of Canada willing to sponsor their ‘several’ Family members for joining them permanently. In order to sponsor A family member or a close family relative, one must be at least 18 years old with a status of Canadian permanent resident or a Canadian citizen. A Canadian citizen can sponsor even residing outside Canada.

Under Family Class, Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada can only sponsor the following members of their Family:
  • Spouse, Common-Law Partner or Conjugal partner in Canada/Outside Canada
  • Dependent Children (Under 22)
  • Parents and Grand-Parents
  • Children adopted from Abroad
  • And under specific rare circumstances, other relatives

Additionally, Canadians can also call their Parents & Grand Parents to live with them for a longer period of time (Upto 2 years). This is done through the Super Visa Program under Family Sponsorships.

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